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Three Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Water Softener

26 August, 2022

You might not realize it, but your home could be in desperate need of a water softener. And you may be wondering why you should even consider installing one. Well, here are three reasons:

You can avoid metal deposits in your water.

You don’t want your pipes to be damaged when they’re simply doing their job of transporting potable water to your home. You also don’t want calcium and rust stains on the showerheads or toilet. 

You may not realize it, but there are many ways in which hard water can damage your home:

  • Corrosion of fixtures and appliances like kettles and coffee machines (which often use brass parts)

  • Discoloration of sinks and showers from calcium build-up that forms when minerals combine with soap scum or detergent residue left behind by hard water

  • Minerals in your water have been shown to damage hair and clothing 

  • Scale build-up in hot water heaters due to excess minerals in the heating coils (these deposits can lead to overheating and inefficiency)

Prevents the build-up of water-related film on tubs, toilets, and sinks

If you don't have a water softener, the build-up of minerals in your water can result in hard water stains, an ugly film that can be extremely hard to clean on your water-run appliances. Instead of constantly cleaning to no avail, a water softener will eliminate the source of the build-up in the first place.

In addition, the excess mineral buildup can lead to corrosion in pipes, which causes problems like:

  • Corrosion of faucets, aerators, and showerheads

  • Corrosion of washing machines and dishwashers

  • Corrosion of spa equipment (tubs)


This corrosion can damage the sensitive pipes that run these appliances and lead to leaks and even failures down the line which can result in expensive repairs. Luckily water softeners last between 10 and 15 years and can help mitigate the risk of other failures around the home by extending their lifespan.

Your appliances will last longer.

One of the most popular reasons people choose to install a water softener in their homes is because it will extend the life of their appliances. Water softeners help remove mineral deposits that build up on surfaces, and those hard deposits can cause your plumbing and appliances to corrode over time. This means you can avoid costly repairs down the road, as well as reduce your need for replacements altogether!

ASK Is your home ready for the security and convenience of a water softener?

  • Are you ready for the security and convenience of a water softener?

  • Do you want to stop damaging your hair and clothes with mineral-filled wells or city water?

  • Are you tired of scrubbing away at the built-up mineral-related film around areas with lots of water in your home?

  • Are you worried that your appliances may be getting damaged, and worried those damages may lead to future problems down the line?


    If you answer yes to any of these, it may be time to consider investing in your home's future today with a water softener.


So, if you’re looking to improve your home’s water quality and protect your appliances, it might be time to install a water softener. Or you can just buy one from us! Call us at (440)-724-5743 or visit us online at pepsplumbing.com.

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